Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Typically, Muslims wake up early in the morning and have a small breakfast (as a sign of not being on a fast on that day) of preferably the date fruit, before attending a special Eid prayer (salah) that is performed in congregation at mosques or open areas like fields, squares etc. Muslims are encouraged to dress in their best clothes (new if possible) for the occasion. No adhan or iqama is to be pronounced for this Eid prayer, and it consists of only two raka'ahs. The Eid prayer is followed by the khutbah (sermon) and then a supplication (dua') asking for forgiveness, mercy and help for all living beings across the world. The khutbah also instructs Muslims as to the performance of rituals of Eid, such as the zakat.[1] It is then customary to embrace the persons sitting on either side of oneself, whilst greeting them. After the prayers, people also visit their relatives, friends and acquaintances[2] and some people also pay visits to the graveyards (ziyarat al-qubur).

Hmong New Year

This is the Hmong New Year. There are a lot of people in this picture
Try to guess how many people are in this picture. I don’t know how many people are in this picture. Will Hmong New Year is a kind of place
Where you could watch people dance, sing and other stuff. You could hang out with your friends if you see them or you could just walk around, buy you some food to eat, buy stuff, and just hang around. And that is what Hmong New Year is about.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

http://dictionary.reference.com/I like learnig new words.http://www.thinkexist.com/The only place you can find qouteshttp://login.asiantown.net/Im not asian but whatever?!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you give a pit bull a bone, he will chew on it awhile then bury it. Pit bull are vicious and dangerous. Pit bull will attack others that is not familiar to it.

B-boying or breaking, commonly referred to as breakdancing.a style of dance that evolved as part of hip-hop culture among Black and Latino American youths in the South of New York City during the 1970s.It is danced to both hip-hop and other genres of music that are often remixed to prolong the musical breaks.

Dragons are legendary creatures, typically with serpentine or otherwise reptilian traits, that feature in the myths of worldwide cultures. The two most familiar interpretations of dragons are European dragons, derived from various European folk traditions, and the unrelated Oriental dragons, such as the Chinese dragon. The English word "dragon" derives from Greek, "dragon, serpent of huge size, water-snake", which probably comes from the verb "to see clearly".
Adrian Peterson yes he is my favorite player of all time (football).

Sidney . Rice is one of the football players in Minnesota.

VIKINGS all ready won 7 GAMES AND LOST ONE GAME SO their score is 8-1

I think that VIKING are going to SUPERBOWL. I'm sure that if they make it to SUPERBOWL they

sure will win the SUPERBOWL.

VIKINGS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to play soccer. Soccer is cool. And i know how to play soccer. Soccer is the best. I not like soccer but now i like it. Sometime i not like soccer. I like look at soccer. I play soccer sometime.
I like to go on soccer.com and funny soccer.com.

brazil soccer team

My favorite soccer team is Brazil. Wikipedia has very interesting topics. They win the first championship! They always win.win many time.I like play soccer. soccer is fun.My sport is soccer.cool soccer team is Brazil .I like Brazil soccer team.

websites i like




For number one i pick imeem
because i like going there to listen to musics.
For number two i pick miniclip
because i like playing there games.
For number three i pick google
because i like to search images for my projects and for fun
-maidee xiong-
Dwarf Hamsters

Dwarf hamsters are most active at night, meaning they are nocturnals. In the morning they spend most of their time gathering food and sleeping. They make good pets.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One day two best friends layed lazy on the couch with nothing to do they spent ours staring at the clock for no apparent reason.
"I have an idea, lets go visit the graveyard of Adreuy Hepburn"Suggested melrose.
"No, i hate her very much, to me her acting is quite insipid" roared Randy.
"Umm what about umm.....going shoping at the maple wood mall?"Asked Randy
"Are you out of your mind girl i almost got killed!" yelled Melrose.
An our later the girls found something they can both share equally which was an IPOD without destroying there relashionship>

Two Friends and an Ipod

"Hey dude come over here!" Seng yelled for his best friend Ber.
"I found an Ipod." Ber rushed over, only seeing one ipod laying on the bench.
"You want it, take it", said Seng.
"No you take it." Ber replied. They argued for a long time, until they decided
to let it go and left. Along the way they met a random girl name Der.
"Hey you do you want an free ipod?" Seng said.
"Yeah, and why?" Der asked.
"Because there's a free ipod on the bench over there."
Der rush to the bench.... "AHHHHHHHH!" yelled Der.
"A Caterpillar, yuck." Spat! Der squashed the Caterpillar and ran back to Seng and Ber.
"Hey you, what kind of joke are you playing! An ipod, all I saw was a Caterpillar!"
Plopped, Der slapped them and went away.
"Huh... a Caterpillar, I'm sure I saw an Ipod." So they went back to the bench and
saw the ipod broken in two, but under it was two quarters. So they each took one and went home.

Lucky MP3

One time I(John) went to hang out with my friends at the park. We found a mp3 on the slide.
John Said"You keep it i can borrow my brother's."
Tou said"No it's OK i don't want it."
"well if we both don't want it we can ask others if they want it."said John
So they did and found a stranger.It looked as if he would enjoy the MP3.
"hello would you like to have this MP3 that's near this slide at the park."said Tou
"sure i wouldn't mind." said the Stranger
So he went and came back not looking to happy.
"what's wrong?"said John
"you two lied to me! I went there seeing nothing!"said the Stranger
"What!well if we check and if it's there we would have a reason that it's there"said Both Friends
So as they went back...there was a miracle surprise! They found 2 MP3 no. They were so speechless that they both took it and went away. And listen to music happily ever after. The End

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi My Name Is Delilah
I Live In Mount Airy && I like to go to the mall with friends and go to the movies&& i like to meet new people and im very very friendly(i dont bite) && i think its improtant to hve friendships because they will be ther when the goin gets touqqh !!!!!!! :)
My name is Ber and i like OT play games all lot. My school is MISSISSIPPI. I'm 10 years old. And i live in mt.airy. And i am hmong. i like to eat. I like to go to school. i'm good at math. I want to have a pet.
A 12 year old
Idolizes Audrey Hepburn
small black curls
long legs
fast runner
reputation:good writer
I'm Traonnana and I like to read . I like to do fun things. I like to help poeple .with their homework. And they help me with my homework and I love to read and reading is my fun thing to do in school and when school is over I do my homework .and me and my friend love to jump rope and me and my frined to do a lot of things with each other and i spend time with them and they like to spend time with me too.

about me & who i am

i am DaMiera Wrice and i love to go to the mall with my family & friends. i enjoy comming to youthconnections because we have computer time & we also play games have fun & also do homework. i am 14 years old and i go to como park high school as a freshman & its very fun because you get to meet alot of people although people like to test you because you the "new kid on the block" its weird but also fun okay you get the picture thats me DaMiera & dont forgwet the capital M.!

all about me

hi my name is perry and i live in mt.airy and my last name is yang.my favorite song is alpha team. my favorite games is dragon fable. my fav things is break dance.and that's all about me.
My name is ja cheng.my last name is vang. I am 13 year old. i like to fish. My favorite food is apple. I like playing game call runescape.com.....
I go to school call Cleveland.
I a 8 grad.
My address is wales st. 621.
I am Hmong. Hmong is a people from Laos, Hmong dress mostly black.
my name is seng.
My last name is lor.
I'm like to play soccer.
My favorite subject is gym.
I like to do math.
I live on mt.airy 82 St.Paul MN.
I very nice.
I have 3 brother.
I'm Hmong.
I born in 1998.
Hi my name is Fue and last name is moua.
What i like to do is swimming.
I live at Mt. Airy, St. Paul.
All I like to draw at school.
When I go to school go to the class.
All I like to eat is BBQ outside and play too.
My favorite game is Grand Theft Auto.
My favorite subject is math.
Me myself and I

Hey there, me I'm in the teens.
I'm educated at one of St. Paul's Public Schools. School is okay
these days. One of favorite thing to do at school is TA in the library.
Something I do is check out books, make book covers, etc.
I live in Mt. Airy Homes, with my big family of 10.
I have 6 sisters, and 1 brother. I am the second oldest
which gives me lots of responsibilities.
My name is kaoyia vang
My age is 9
I live at mt.airy
I am a homg
I like to have fun
I like to hike around mt.airy
I speak homg
I have 2 brother 2 sister

1. i am dameka
2.i am a mount airy residenr
3.i am a girl
4.i am human
5.i am from chicago
6. i go to como
7.i am new to stpaul
8.i am good with kids
9.i am friendly
10.i love shopping
11.i love being with friends
12.i love to hang out
13.i love shoes
14.i love to have a good time
15.i am black
16.i like cars
17.i love being at youth connections
18.i love being me
19.i have 2 sisters
20. no brothers!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009




Minnesota is cool because it is nice to live and you can play outside. hot in the summer and cold in the winter.


Africa has a lot of different food and also have some fruit too. Africa is big place to live so people to. Some people also live their too. Some different people live faraway from Africa people live there for a year and they will travel to a different places. people travel around the world.

That people live better


Sudan is a country northeastern Africa.It is the largest country in Africa.It bordered Egypt to the north and the Red Sea to the northeast.The worlds longest river,the Nile divides the country

between east and west side.Sudan people speek English and Arabic.Sudan is about one fourth the size of United State.Sudan is the tenth largest in the world by area.Sudan had a civil war about half a million people died over 17 years of war and hundreds and thousands people have forced to leave their homes.

South Africa

i like south Africa because its intresting and it has many diffrent cutures and religions also theres really pretty climate & the lakes are beatiful there i like studying about Africa because thats were my ancestors are from and its cool to learn about what they went through when they where kids so we can se what we have in common.

The arabian culture is mostly in the middle east.

jews are usually caterigorized as arabs.

the qur'an had a significate influence on the arabic language.

the language used in qur'an is called classic arabian.

the qu'ran is important to arabic.

arabic music is people speaking in arabic.

the arabian tone system was created by al-farabi.

the arabian musical mentality is defined by The maqam phenomenon.

much arab music is emphasisd on its melody.

the arabic language is the biggest in semetic branch.

The Arabic language also has various dialects from the numerous countries and traditions.

It is sometimes difficult to translate islamic concepts.

A majority of the world's muslims do not speak Arabic.

islam is a religion based on the qu'ran.

the islam religion believe muhammed is their god.


Japanes live in there own word this culture is like chines but not really. They go to school but just learn thier own language. they have lots of things in thier caultrue they have lots of friends and faimly.

The great wall of china

chinese believe in buddhism and take pictures of the Buddha. They are buddhists. Chinese people eat buddhist food.the great wall of china is long to 4,000 miles

South Korea

South Korea came into being after World War II, the result of a 1945 agreement reached by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference, making the 38th parallel the boundary between a northern zone of the Korean peninsula to be occupied by the USSR and southern zone to be controlled

The Split Horn; the life of a Hmong shaman
In this story/movie it explores the traditons and the culture of a Hmong family who'd just came from Thailand to America. In the family the father is a respected shaman. He knows how to cure sickness and interact with the other world. As a shaman, he believes in what he do and what a Hmong family should live like, but as they get into the American life, his kids had grown up to live the American life instead of keeping their own. He is scared that they will lose their culture, their traditons and their language as they become more familair with the new lifestyle. Its very hard for him as a parent and as a shaman, going through all the changes. You should watch this movie if you want to know more about the culture of the Hmong people, follow the life of this hmong family and find out.

(Aly Vue)

KoReAn CuLtUrE

Korean people live in Korea, one of the oldest continuous civilzation in the world and has over 5,000 years of history. Korea is a small penninsula on the far East side of Asia. It is between China and Japan. Korean languages is shared between both North and South Korea and is part of theAltaic language family. When there is a special event the ladies usually play the drums and wear their traditions dress. In Korea they still have many traditional values. The bigest and popular city in Korea is Seoul it is like New York City.